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@yogthos I'll check it out! Have you ever read any Greg Egan? He used to be a physicist I think and does awesome hard sci fi.

Permutation City is a good place to start, but I also really enjoyed the more recent Zendegi. But yeah, lots of great ones.

Also always enjoyed a lot of Neal Stephenson for that reason. lol, dude will nerd the fuck out about his subject matter

@slackz Egan is fantastic, I really enjoyed Permutation City. Can recommend Diaspora and Schild's Ladder as well.

@slackz @yogthos

Just stumbled on this thread and read the Permutation City excerpt. Nice recommendation, I'll be reading this.

If you haven't heard of Eubanks "Life Artificial", I think you might like it too. It has a similar theme and level of "hardness" of the sci-fi and I like the writing style. It can be downloaded for free from the author's page:
(I've written a review on Goodreads. I think it is under-marketed.)

@maxy @slackz ooh haven't seen that one, thanks for the tip