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Dmitri Sotnikov ⚛️ @yogthos

I think I'm starting to understand America now:

American toddlers are eating more sugar than the maximum amount recommended for adults

high-fructose diet sabotages learning, memory

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@yogthos If you don't live in america, this is a challenging problem/indictment of america's poverty/racism crisis as well. The foods that poor people have easier access too, and that are cheaper here, are often loaded with more sugar, which gives this problem a dimension that quartz wasn't really willing to touch.

@c25l_ I think this is both systemic and intentional.

@yogthos it is also a problem when you're trying to save your own child from it: mine keeps asking why can't she drink the same amount of sugary drinks and eat the same amount of candies as her friends.

@isagalaev yeah there's a huge peer pressure factor, when high sugar consumption gets normalized

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