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@yogthos i saw you use hikari-cp in luminus/conman. how did you shut up its logging?

Dmitri Sotnikov ⚛️

@valerauko it logs using the standard java logging api (slf4j) as I recall, in Luminus you have 2 files to configure the logger in /env/dev/resources/logback.xml and /env/prod/resources/logback.xml to configure log levels for dev/prod. You can add exclusions with <logger name="com.zaxxer.hikari" level="warn" />

The default is warn, but you if you set "error" it should only try to log on errors.

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@yogthos i'm learning so much just from understanding your templates

@valerauko yeah it's a decent reference for project structure now



I have to say it's quite embarrassing what proportion of the libraries and tools I use every day are written by Dmitri

@simon_brooke @yogthos there's nothing embarrassing about that. dependency trees are no shame