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Canada's parliament has passed a law legalising the recreational use of marijuana nationwide.

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@faissaloo pot has been freely available here for ages, all this changes is that now you'll be able to buy it legally. This cuts out the criminal market, reduces policing costs, and generates tax revenue.

@yogthos Which in turn means more people will start using, which means you basically end up with a useless population of stoned retards.

@faissaloo anybody who wants to smoke pot can do that today, there is no barrier to that currently in Canada.

Also, pot has been consistently shown to be a safer drug than either toabacco or alcohol.

What you're claiming has zero basis in facts or reality.

The easier something is to do, the more people will do it. There is a barrier, it's just small, full legalisation means that you can go to the shop on the street corner and buy weed rather than needing to find someone who's got it.
Cigarettes and alcohol should be illegal outside of medicinal use.

@faissaloo @yogthos Don't know how it was in Canada, but there are places where it's illegal and yet it's been very easy to get it yourself for a long time now. Easy enough that you smell it in the streets sometimes.

These laws usually come when it's already so easy to get it, you might as well make it legal and tax it.

@faissaloo nobody is forcing you to consume drugs, and you certainly don't get to decide that for others.

@yogthos In case you didn't notice, we live in a society.

@faissaloo and a free society leaves it up to individuals to decide what they do in private.

@yogthos Right because nothing you do in private effects the world around you...
Oh wait it does

@faissaloo we have societal norms, and we have laws to deal with cases when people cross them. Meanwhile, nobody ever needed drugs to be a nuisance to society last I checked.

Personal autonomy is an important part of any society I'd want to be a part of. So, please kindly keep your puritan values to yourself.

@yogthos Last I checked societies needed people who can actually function to survive. Please keep your hedonist retardation to yourself.

@faissaloo and if you bothered to check any empirical research you'd know that recreational pot use has no impact on that. So perhaps you could just kindly keep your fantasies about drugs to yourself.

@yogthos Clearly you've been smoking something here. You look like an idiot denying that weed does affect your ability to think.

@faissaloo perhaps you haven't learned about the concept of metabolism. Let me explain this amazing concept to you. When you inject the drug it has temporary effects, and then when you metabolize it, you no longer experience those effects. You'd have to be a real idiot not to know that though.

@yogthos Wow I am shocked by your astounding knowledge of science, didn't realise people usually injected weed (I bet you inject the whole weed too). I also didn't realise that effects needed to be permanent to be an issue, or that the primary effects were the only problem.

@faissaloo well mr. science let's compare then. Me, a dysfunctional stoner published two books, have open source projects used by thousands of people, and get invited to talk at conferences. Now what about a proper sober person such as yourself?

@yogthos You know it's really not appropriate to be discussing the size of your cock with a 17 year old, especially when it's 3 inches long.

@faissaloo your claim is that weed prevents you from functioning in the society, so do explain to me what I should be aiming for here if I was straight edge like you.

@yogthos No, my claim is that weed decreases your utility to society, all that weed must have affected your reading comprehension.

@faissaloo news flash for you, I'm not here to be of utility to society. My life is for me to live and enjoy the way I choose, and I don't need sanctimonious tossers like you to tell me how I should be living it. Meanwhile your own utility to society remains unclear to me.