A fully-modern text-based browser, rendering to TTY and browsers

I used to love Lynx -- this looks interesting

Lynx fetched & rendered ONLY text components, & had commands & hooks to fetch/render graphics if you wanted them.

browsh fetches everything & renders to (color or mono) character display -- so it appears to me you get all the performance drawbacks of fetching graphics AND THEN passing them through an unnatural rendering computation, only to get bad graphics.

I could be wrong -- browsh's site claims lower network utilization because of the text focus -- but
(a) it does display low-quality graphics,
(b) it needs to talk to a browser to do SOMETHING, and
(c) it's slow as heck to load/render

OK, I have to take the slowness complaint back entirely -- it was user error. I typed the wrong URL... access/render time is fine.

@Branford @yogthos it requires firefox (unless you 'ssh').

But you've gotta admit, this is hilarious.

@Branford I can't see too much practical use for it, presumably you could configure something like uBlock on top of FF to block graphics entirely though.

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