its true, but it was the type of economy that allowed for private ownership which then allowed personalization of assets. I think thats why China and Russia had to pick it up. If something didnt belong to you, would you take care of it? do you prefer to be told 'take care of it or go to jail'

its like mowing the lawn. I dont like the association breathing down my neck, sending threatening legal papers. telling me the grass needs to be maintained or face expensive fines.

@qwerty the problem is that unchecked capitalism is a Darwinian system that encourages the strong to exploit the weak.

My view is that all the basic needs of any citizen, such as shelter, food, healthcare, and education should be provided by the society with no strings attached.

Then you can have capitalism on top of that because exploitation becomes much more difficult In such a system as people have the option of just doing nothing, or updating their skills to do different type of work.

its a pickle because if we tell the strong to take care of the weak they will start feeling exploited. They have to choose to pick up the burden.

healthcare should be free but the rich dont want to pay for the poor. the healthy dont want to pay for the sick. the sober man doesnt want to pay for the drunk or the smoker or the gutton.

anyways AI will give capitalism a run for its money.
the declaration of independence is the true foundation of the US government ✌

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