The use of common data structures coupled with data driven APIs in makes it easy to adapt libraries to your existing architecture. This is contrast to libraries in that are either not general enough or force their design decisions on you.


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@djsumdog I worked with it for about 6 months and didn't really enjoy it. I find it's a huge language with a lot of complexity, so there's a lot of mental overhead using it. The code ranges from Java syntax sugar to Haskell fanfic with stuff like scalaz.

I've come to appreciate simplicity as much as power nowadays, and Clojure has the right intersection for me. I want to be thinking about the problem I'm solving as opposed to the language.

@yogthos Cool. That's fiar. I've been meaning to try Clojure for a while. One of my big OSS projects is currently in Scala and I've had Scala dev jobs for about three years all together.

It has it's strengths and definitely its weaknesses. The syntax and DSLs can get quite overwhelming and insane.

@yogthos This leads to the most frustrating thing when trying to find libraries in other languages

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