@pyropeter if I knew the source I would've linked it, but I saw it here and there was not attribution reddit.com/r/ProgrammerHumor/c

since you know where it came from, you could just give the link without drama

@yogthos I spent about ten minutes searching for the source.

Even if you didn't know the source, you must have known that you didn't create the panel yourself. In that case I expect you to clearly state that it is not your work and you don't know the source.

If you don't do that, you trick people into thinking you were a talented artist.

@pyropeter oh please, it's pretty clear I was not trying to appropriate the work here, and I do post sources whenever I see them. So thanks for posting the source in this one, but please don't moralize me about it.

@yogthos I don't follow or know you. I saw the toot because it was boosted. There was no way for me to tell that you were not the original author.

@pyropeter sure and you could just ask are you the author, what's the source for this? That's what people typically do in such situations.

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