clothing generates more CO2 emissions than all international flights and maritime shipping combined due to a rapid acceleration in purchase/disposal cycles driven by trade liberalization

@yogthos And people still give me shit for wearing torn clothes all the time.

Re: last boost, it's really an interesting piece. I was surprised to learn how often "average" ppl go clothes shopping. Growing up with not much money, clothes really were an occasional purchase, and we always went to the thrift store first (before "vintage" was trendy). It's still how I shop. I also buy a lot of stuff from H&M, simply because it's the cheapest option, which has always been all I could afford.

If I find I haven't been wearing something it just gets donated back to the thrift store. Otherwise I wear it until it falls apart (a long time even with H&M), and then it becomes rags for cleaning my bike or whatever. Though I'm stymied by what to do with worn-out clothes that are unsuitable for re-use (fabric too weak/thin, pieces too small).

@nev crochet or weaving rugs.

But if that's not something you do yourself you could possible donate it to someone who does

@maloki yeah, I'd have to give them to someone else

I can't have rugs, the cat pees on them 😭

@nev oh hey, these last two follow-ups didn't make it into your public timeline. I only saw them because I read downthread of the original toot and saw your replies.

@nev my local jurisdiction has set up fabric recycling collection, in partnership with thrift stores. I think a lot of the worn out stuff gets shredded for insulation. You might be able to find a similar program?

@mcmoots our waste division was looking into textile recycling, last I saw (last year's budget)! So hopefully we'll get something like that soon.

@yogthos all this time I've been going to the thrift store to save money, but I've ended up saving the planet. Nice.

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