@yogthos hey dont knock it until you make it your fav language :P

@yogthos look, JS was made like what, 25 years ago? it was ok for the task at hand. it's not JS fault IE5 got "too big to fail", hindering any evolution for years, dont blame a poor boi for what heppened _to_ him, he did what he needed to do, and then became a victim of its own resilience.

now, you have TypeScript and plenty of langs compiling to JS and WASM, so if you dont want to use vanila-js -- dont.

@dym SmallTalk appeared 46 years ago, and Common Lisp 34 years ago. Both are far better languages in pretty much every respect. We clearly knew how to design languages by the time Js rolled around.

I think the issue is that Js was hacked together in a week and was never envisioned to do anything more than one liners. Then it inadvertently turned into lingua franca of the browsers.

And using Js as a compile target is exactly what I'm doing nowadays with ClojureScript. :)

@yogthos going back to original post,

in js everything is.. a function, which is also an object,.. and an array,.. and a string,.. and a number,.. and a boolean.

b/c constrains are for those who cant control their own power.


@yogthos In malbolge, everything is a gibbering mess of tentacles and gaping maws

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