@yogthos sweatshop workers prey on the poor, idgaf if they're workers, they chosen.

latin america ? oh yeah, argentina wanted to try to not have a system like capitalism, venezuela and brazil are corrupted like hell, mexico & columbia are full of narcos because the rest of the world want drugs.

and capitalism is the issue, of course.
if capitalism is so bad, stop using computers & technology, they're available to you because of it.

for real, that "meme" can't be more false.

@TheGrizzliGamer this is hands down the most ignorant thing I've read this week



throwback to when capitalist America ousted a democratically elected socialist president in Chile, putting Pinochet in power, because a stable socialist regime is bad PR

odds are, most issues you can draw with Latin American nations ultimately stem from the fact that they aren't playing ball in America's backyard

@TheGrizzliGamer lol if you think technology is a result of capitalism. You should do some research on scientific/technological development in the USSR.

@beebs Re-read what i actually said please, it's not open for re-interpretation, if you have a computer, you're participating in capitalism, it's a cold hard fact, go ask people in africa about their iphone 10. (irony)

@TheGrizzliGamer what does "you're participating in capitalism" even mean? You don't have a clue.

@yogthos @spacekookie Capitalism works for Capitalists, by the definition of "Capitalist".

When non-rentiers call themselves Capitalists, that's when things get muddy.

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