"We already lost the mobile world for a duopoly of Apple and Google, now we’re losing the desktop most used application, the Web Browser, to a monopoly from Google again, how much control do you want that company to have over the future of the Web?"

@yogthos i'm basically sympathetic to this point, but also feel that the web has been lost for a while.

things are only going to get worse from here.

@yogthos Ummmm... we're losing Microsoft's Edge to Chromium. Microsoft's. Who cares. One company that gives s%# about your privacy dies on the feet of another. Big deal. The only actual rebel left is #firefox! And also, while chrome sells your soul to Google, chromium is completely open source and has clones that respect your privacy.

@turion yeah the only saving grace here is that Chromium is at least open source. I do think that the article raises a valid concern that Google has too much control over the web. They're already pushing things like AMP, and it's only gonna get worse.

I switched to Firefox precisely because I want to support the only alternative that's out there.

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