@celesteh It's highly unlikely that we're going to be able to reverse the trend of dumping green house gasses into the atmosphere before things get really catastrophic. We're already out of any good options at this point, and there's no sign that we're slowing down.

@yogthos @celesteh it's not an option at all lol.

You know, we kinda depends on crops to live, and what sun dimming do? Reduce our ability to farm :s
Also lot of ecological concerns, dimming the sun is hella unknown for its effects on the long term, the sole data we had was in 1884 and it wasn't fun at all

@Technowix @celesteh I mean the alternative is that we just go extinct once our ecosystem collapses. This is already happening, and as permafrost melts it's going to release huge amounts of methane into the atmosphere. truthout.org/articles/release-

@yogthos @celesteh I mean it's too late for this, now we have to build things around the inevitable and please don't increase it even more.

The destruction we already did, even if we stopped everything right now, is enought to let the ocean continue warming up, inertia they said.

Still, dimming the sun isn't going to end well at all

@Technowix @celesteh yeah that's the shitty part of the whole thing, we're past the point where we still had good options :(

LB: i used to think there was no way people would be fool enough to actually try to cool the world so badly that the plot of snowpiercer would make sense

narrator: *sighs* i hate this job

@yogthos CO2 would still be dissolving into the oceans. If the aerosol spraying ever stops, or it gets warmer somehow, warmer water can also only dissolve less CO2. (just one issue..)

@jasper yeah it's really a stop gap more than anything, we still need to drastically cut carbon emissions long term

@yogthos Haven't these people seen the Matrix?

This idea is insane.

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