(original comic: portsherry.tumblr.com/post/175 - archive.fo/ycgy1 on archive.is in case of Tumblr blog destruction)

(first speech bubble is covered up in archive.is archive but says "Oh, hey Scoobs")

@yogthos it was actually kind of hilarious finding it

me: okay, here is a picture of a panel from a comic, can you find images like it?
Google Images: this is a picture of money, right?
me: err, no, it's from Scooby Doo
Google Images: oh, cool. Here's a picture of *two* panels from a comic.
picture of two panels: *clearly uploaded without attribution*
me: ...ooookay, can you show me pictures similar to *this?*
Google Images: oh, sure, no problem. Here's a reblog on Tumblr.
me: woot!

@yogthos scoob and the gang investigate the mystery of a spectre reported to be haunting europe

image description:
"every mystery we solve
brings me closer to the realization
that the only monsters in this
world are pathetic old men trying
to steal as much money as they can" (greyscale comic panel of Shaggy from Scooby-Doo)

Plot twist: Fred actually runs a fraud investigation business, and Daphne's his business partner; Velma and Shaggy are just their ignorant employees.

@yogthos AWW
The whole thing is better! :"3

But also "I'll never witness anything extraordinary at all! Huh? What's that, my talking dog friend?"

@yogthos my dude your dog fucking talks and you once dated an alien sit the fuck down

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