@yogthos Ok we want you to estimate, accurate to the hour, how long it will take to build some software in some language you've never used before and with frameworks which havn't yet been written but I have some vague documents about them from Chinese subcontractors which I ran through Google Translate this morning and they say the API is going to change.


@gudenau haha yeah should just be a giant tower when the hand gets close

@yogthos Oh, jeezus, that's hilarious. Reminds me of the video from Apollo 16, where they think a boulder is not that big and is fairly close, and when they finally get there, it turns out to have been much farther away, and nearly the size of a house.

Check it out at around 21:35 here:

@yogthos Owing to the Moon's much smaller circumfrence, astronauts on the surface often struggled with confusing false distance/horizon cues, with objects like rocks and craters seeming much closer than they really were.

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