Microsoft sued a renowned e-waste innovator. Eric Lundgren was sentenced to 15-month prison term and a $50,000 fine for providing Windows restore disks that MS provides free downloads for. It's still a rotten company.

@yogthos jesus christ... i missed this story. This is so horrible.

@noorul @yogthos That innovator was focusing on Windows because he was fixing Windows computers.
Sometimes you gotta work with things that aren't ideal, and if he'd only focused on linux systems he wouldn't have been able to help nearly as many people or prevent nearly as much waste.

@lesbianhacker @yogthos

I understand but playing big corporation will backfire often which I am afraid.

@noorul What do you mean by "Playing Big Corporation"?

It's callous to look at this situation and say "Well he should have known better", because he didn't do anything wrong and what happened is extremely unjust.

@yogthos There was more to this story. The guy was actually a scammer intentionally trying to make disks look like genuine and sell them for profit. The ewaste/recycling angle was just his cover up when he got caught.

@kornel do you have a link handy with some more details, cause yeah if the guy was selling disks that's a different story

@yogthos @kornel There's a link to the original story in the comment section.

@yogthos I know there's more to this story but... funny that MICROSOFT is suing someone for production of e-waste when planned obsolescence is the name of the game at MS

@io @yogthos Reuse of old Microsoft software keeps old hardware alive. The business was reducing, not producing, e-waste. There's no irony.

That said, apparently Microsoft has a discount program for refurbishing and this Lundgren fellow was actually selling counterfeit original-looking disks at a profit, not just helping a fellow user out.……
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