Microsoft sued a renowned e-waste innovator. Eric Lundgren was sentenced to 15-month prison term and a $50,000 fine for providing Windows restore disks that MS provides free downloads for. It's still a rotten company.

@yogthos jesus christ... i missed this story. This is so horrible.

@yogthos There was more to this story. The guy was actually a scammer intentionally trying to make disks look like genuine and sell them for profit. The ewaste/recycling angle was just his cover up when he got caught.

@yogthos @kornel There's a link to the original story in the comment section.

@yogthos I know there's more to this story but... funny that MICROSOFT is suing someone for production of e-waste when planned obsolescence is the name of the game at MS

@io @yogthos Reuse of old Microsoft software keeps old hardware alive. The business was reducing, not producing, e-waste. There's no irony.

That said, apparently Microsoft has a discount program for refurbishing and this Lundgren fellow was actually selling counterfeit original-looking disks at a profit, not just helping a fellow user out.……
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