@yogthos dang :(

i'm sure they have a reason, like correlated higher crash rates, but that's (1) not something they can release without a long approval process and (2) utterly useless for debugging the actual issues

@yogthos @uranther

Well, from what I read in that thread, it could but they’d have to flip the driver string to a random one if chromium is running, which is fine. So all is not necessarily lost yet.

@thinkMoult yeah nowadays I refuse to use Chrome ideologically. We need to have an alternative browser that's not owned by Google.

@yogthos @thinkMoult or Brave browser? (I am now using FF but not sure where Mozilla is going lately)

@zandbelt @yogthos Brave still uses Blink. Whether or not it is operated by Google, the future of its engine is still determined by Google. This is why it's important to support Gecko instead.

@zandbelt @thinkMoult I think Mozilla is struggling with funding, but I don't find stuff they've done with Pocket to be offensive so far.

Meanwhile, Google has a huge vested interest in steering web tech towards their own goals. Stuff like AMP is downright scary in my opinion. They're abusing their position as both a major internet hub and a browser vendor. I don't think they're a trustworthy player.

The worst thing would be for them to dominate the browser market in my opinion.

@yogthos @thinkMoult Well Mozilla is looking for alternate funding.

But your choices are pretty much browsers powered by Google, Mozilla, or Apple technology.

@alcinnz @yogthos WebKit still powers most of the non-graphical browser emulators last I checked, but they have a very specific usecase.

@thinkMoult @yogthos WebKit is what powers my web browser "Odysseus" for the foreseeable future, though I am working on my own engine to try and push the web in a new direction.

I think it'll be a while before I could switch backends without breaking too many sites people rely on.

@thinkMoult @alcinnz @yogthos webkit can work sufficiently i think? Also, generally, taking the engines developed by Google/Mozilla/Apple and making a browser is better than directly using the browsers..

Thought there was someone trying to make a browser from scratch too? Forgot..

@jasper @thinkMoult @yogthos You might be thinking of me, because I'm doing both.

Odysseus is WebKitGTK-based and Memex is a new browser engine I'm developing to show how little we have to loose by dropping JavaScript.

@alcinnz @jasper @yogthos I'd like to test out your engine, Memex, where can I do so?

@thinkMoult @jasper @yogthos It's quite early days, but if you've got Rust installed you can try out the code from git.sr.ht/~alcinnz/memex .

Currently the application will tell you which CSS properties from it's internal stylesheet. And I'm starting to get to implementing cascade and inheritance.

@alcinnz @thinkMoult yeah we're basically down to those three, and Mozilla seems like the one without ulterior motives. Chrome is fundamentally untrustworthy in my opinion because Google has a big stake in being the center of the internet.

Apple tends to do their own thing, and they often cut corners in favor of performance. Safari on iOS is IE level non-standards compliant in my experience.

@frank87 I switched last year, and every time I read something new about Chrome it makes me glad that I did

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