@yogthos I hate Facebook and their tracking.. but this is kind of a 'Well, duh!' moment for me.

EVERY company in the world that has a legitimate reason to believe you are a threat to their employees is required by law to track and report you to the police. Call a customer service line and threaten the employee on the other end. Your information will be tracked and handed over to the police. Anything known about your position will be as well.

@Routhinator what I find concerning is that they have a well oiled machine for tracking users in the first place. I agree this is a legitimate use case for it, but the mere fact that it exists should make anybody think twice about using Facebook.

@yogthos completely agree with you there. There's a reason I don't have an account anymore.

@Routhinator @yogthos Not convinced that is applicable here if they are indeed going with the "vague threats" described. "Fuck X" is not a threat of violence against X, just a strong expression of disapproval.

@ricardojmendez @yogthos this is also a fair point. Usually labelling someone a threat requires a good reason.

@yogthos I've said it before, but... at this point, I'm pretty convinced that Zuckerberg could admit that they have a team tasked with breaking into people's houses and stealing their organs, using the Facebook app to know when they're at home and asleep, and people would still not delete their accounts.

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