A study shows that 3 people in a conference room can result in a CO2 levels that can impair cognitive functioning in just 2 hours.

Any decisions made at the end of the meeting are made in a mentally deficient state.

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@yogthos the same applies to every university lecture I've been to. and AC is either broken or completely absent, too

@yogthos we were testing out CO2 sensors at work and logged readings at 5 minute intervals over a couple of days from one hooked up in a colleagues office (fairly large office but shared by 2 people and no windows).

The level varied by well over 100% as it cycled over the day. By 4pm it could peak in the vicinity of 2000ppm.

No wonder people are about ready to fall asleep in afternoon meetings.

I've seen that conclusion and a nice plot elsewhere, but I don't find any reference to it in the linked paper. Do you know if the same project has additional conclusions and materials somewhere, where that result can be found?

@yogthos *goes to be a forest-dwelling math-hippie and have peak cognitive performance* 8>


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