@yogthos Well, time for me to reread WebKitGTK's hyperlink code. I don't think there's anything I could do about it at the level I work at, but I should know how Odysseus is impacted.

@yogthos I think I found WebCore's code for this, and browsers can still disable it. Apple merely removed their UI to do so.

I suppose there's other contributors who would be upset if they fully removed that option.

@alcinnz I'm surprised Apple disables the UI for that, they tend to be better when it comes to customer protection. Just another reminder that you can on only really trust open source software.

@switching.social @Dmitri Sotnikov βš›οΈ Thanks for the heads up! Wasn't aware of this "feature". Luckily I already use firefox, but goot to know anyways.
@Victorhck @Harald Eilertsen I just switched to iridium browser which is abased on chromium but without the google implementation. So far I am pretty happy with it.
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