if you use VS Code, checkout VSCodium which strips out MS branding/telemetry/licensing

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@yogthos I've heard that the plugins store in VS Code is proprietary, without which it is not very useful.

@njoseph_1 the store seems to work fine, I installed the plugins I use without problems

@yogthos We've had an internal plugin where I work that does similar things for a while. You could disable the telemetry yourself from the settings but it wasn't obvious.

@feoh @yogthos
yeah but how sure you are that telemetry is the only thing Microsoft added during the build? It wouldn't be the first time they "forgot to mention" something. With VSCodium anyone can build their own from sources. That's the real kicker.

@chebra @yogthos Because it's an open source project, and if you don't trust their binaries you can build it yourself, and because the telemetry it conducts has been well understood for a while. So, yeah, DON'T trust them :)

@yogthos I've been using it since the first day I heard about it

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