@yogthos Reducing your wastes is better than recycle it.
A good waste is a waste that is not produced

@yogthos the most effective means is absent though: talk to people voting for bought-out politicians and try to persuade them otherwise. No matter how uncomfortable and scary it feels.

@isagalaev my experience is that politics are like sports for a lot of people, they have a team and they will always stand behind their team no matter what

@yogthos US wouldn't have swing states if that lot was overwhelming. And yet, the Obama voters in Rust belt turned to Trump, and suburban women who voted for Trump turned to democrats in the recent midterms. There's a lot of people who actually feel they need to do something when reality hits.

@isagalaev that's not really surprising to me though. There is practically no real difference between the democrats and republicans on any practical level. The difference are largely in packaging.

So it's not really surprising that each year one or the other party wins by a small margin as voters bounce between them.

@yogthos granted. But my original emphasis was on politicians that aren't bought out. And people did vote for them in the last midterms. AOC's win over an incumbent corporate democrat is the most well-known story, but there were others, like Omar and Tlaib. There's also this republican mayor who does things right: nbcnews.com/news/us-news/repub.

And in the primaries there are Sanders, and Gabbard, Warren, all of whom don't take money from big business.

@isagalaev yeah it is encouraging that people like Sanders and AOC are starting to gain prominence. Hopefully there will be an avalanche effect as each win helps the next.

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