@yogthos Això es una merda punxada en un pal. Per començar aquesta pasta no es tan dura com la ceramica. La pintura d'un sanitari es feta al forn i aquesta es pintura normal. Ja us podeu imaginar el que durara. Ni com a xapusa val

@MadestMadness @yogthos

no, you'll notice the cut between the guy putting the ramen in and then suddenly he's just scraping off ramen

it's because these clips are shown out of order, he paints lines and stuff on the sink, glues on ramen, scrapes it off, repaints it to look normal, then destroys it and puts the ramen in

@MadestMadness @yogthos

this same guy does several videos like this all with the same trick

to be clear, it's a really well done trick that looks cool, but what it is meant to look like he's doing wouldn't actually work

@yogthos I just think the sink in the first frame looks hungry as a one eyed cookie monster and then gets fed (violently).

@yogthos the "back office" system at my daygig is 90% ramen, figuratively speaking. I am hoping I can convince the directors to replace it with something more substantial.

@yogthos okay but i wanna see the sink run and get water on it

@yogthos Ich dachte zuerst er macht da Instant Nudeln rein. 🙈 Und das wäre ein Witz.

@yogthos is this literally fucking ramen and glue and nothing else

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