@yogthos Marxism: when you absolutely need to view every problem through the lens of a spoiled 5yo that gets a gift when it's someone else's birthday so he doesn't cry.

@yogthos "Mommy, Why did we have to buy a present for his birthday? I want a present too! Give me HIS present!"

@yogthos But you believe the same overgeneralization of capitalism is accurate? Do you see the point yet?

@jasonoliveira I think there is a fundamental difference between capitalism and socialism.

Capitalism is an inherently Darwinian system rooted in competition. It encourages exploitation by its very nature.

On the other hand, socialism is a system rooted in cooperative pooling of resources for common benefit.

I find the concept of capitalism fundamentally abhorrent. The whole reason we live in a society because we accept that cooperation is more effective than competition.

@yogthos so, you wrote that many words just to say "no, I don't see the point yet."

I should've just replied with a meme in the first place.

@yogthos yet another reply where you haven't seen the point yet. Have another meme while you think about it:.

@yogthos They have "runs a company" in their profile. Just block and move on

hey @jasonoliveira I don't suppose you've looked into the Sugondese Principle, have you?

@jasonoliveira @rigatonimonster it's impressive how much bullshit conservative memes manage to pack into such a limited and reductionist format


That's why we invented self-management πŸ‘ πŸ˜ƒ

(Poster from 1968. Rough translation : "The boss needs you. you don't need him.)

@yogthos i think about this almost daily. Like I literally worked at a studio where a game was made that had pulled in MILLIONS of dollars, and this is an under 20-people studio. And yet we were all paid low and maybe given some meager bonuses and couldn't get any funding for new projects.

@SuperCee I think that exploitation is an inherent property of capitalism

@yogthos Then don't voluntarily agree to such terms. Go self-employed.

@thatbrickster if being self employed was that easy everybody would be doing it. The whole point of socialism is precisely to make it easy for people to be self employed via cooperatives.

@yogthos The whole point of socialism is to prevent individuals from breaking out and succeeding for the 'benefit' of everyone else, keeping everyone in poverty.

I was a socialist political type myself until I realised the people I was aligning myself with were proud of their ignorance. It's not a free society and it's not the future I'd want for my kids.

You have not answered my point about not voluntarily agreeing to work for someone else under the same terms you're deeming as unfair. Instead you chose to point out how hard it is to be self-employed. I agree it isn't easy but is more of a solution to what you're upset about than choosing 'let us all be poor, it is for our own good because the man at the top says so'.

@yogthos and then let's think what happens when we apply that model to EVERYTHING

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