With Google planning to restrict modern ad blocking Chrome extensions to enterprise users, there's never been a better time to switch to Firefox.

@yogthos perhaps a better time to switch to Firefox would have been before they decided to be "Google Chrome but with less features and exactly the same bullshit but a few months later"

@yogthos @ben
This has been debated to death on the web, some people hate Firefox's UI changes and hate the loss of some extensions that were possible before they switched to the WebExtensions API.

I respect those frustrations, but think Firefox had to change to compete.

@KWierso @yogthos they might follow the suit:/ I had to recently to scroll through the preferences window in FF and it feels like in Chrome only worse.

@saper @KWierso I really can't see FF doing anything of the sort personally. Mozilla doesn't have an ad driven business model like Google does. It's a non-profit organization built on user trust.

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