The climate change report written by a former fossil fuel executive and backed by the former chief of Australia's military foresees a ‘High Likelihood of Human Civilization Coming to an End’ in 2050.

@yogthos this video of a fictional alert system if you want a scare of how bad it could be, too.


#JemBendell gives it about 10 years before we start seeing monocrop failures that lead to economic collapse in the West.

So, yeah, sometime soon, perhaps even in my advanced lifetime, things are going to get turbulent.

The thing to realize is collapse doesn't happen overnight or evenly across the globe. And it has already started; hitting poor and environmentally harsh regions first. Question is: how fast to the dominos fall at this point?


Yeah, we should make no mistake; the ‘big’ collapse is already unfolding; it just hasn’t hit tipping point yet. It happens gradually by increasing numbers and frequency of disasters like that one, going on around the world, facilitated by climate change. As more grain crops are lost, and millions start migrating across borders (we’ve only seen a drop in the bucket so far), economic collapses in the West will follow. Then it really gets ugly.


@wion @yogthos

My assumption is unmitigated global heating leads to centuries of continuous warfare as people desperately try to move some place still habitable.

@alienghic @wion basically, extreme climate will cause droughts, crop failures, and fresh water shortages. Millions of people are going to be displaced, and that will necessarily lead to conflicts.

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