Yes it is, the most of the time I'm live on this things haha :ablobaww: it's for me what football is for another person.


@Akio @yogthos thanks! yeah.. its always very intressting (but mostly i watch timeleaps on yt xD)
Yeah that's nice.. That's the only thing we humans can make is searching for a way out here... :blobthinkingglare:
@Akio @yogthos yeah... i'm into scifi and stuff.. but i also think ppl should fix earth (climatic change / war's etc) first, before humanity is rdy for space ^^v

but as it look right now.. ppl a to "dumb" for that <.<

@rick @Akio these things aren't mutually exclusive, and research from one area often ends up being used in others. For example, MRI was invented thanks to physics research. Space exploration ends up creating a lot of technology that's applicable to fixing the Earth. mri-q.com/who-invented-mri.htm

@proxeus @yogthos @Akio yeah i think so too.. but humans must also change socially.. stop stupid wars.. (make one real earth government) and ffs work together and not against! <.<
Actually they are searching for solutions in a national thinking for global problems... In that state of mind I think we will not reach a consensus...
Maybe with the emergency.. Someday... Actually we are playing PlayStation!
@proxeus @yogthos
@proxeus @Akio @yogthos tbh.. i think if someone found an rare/valuable material in space... i bet humanty is in space and harvest it till you count to three xDD
@yogthos @Akio @proxeus mhh this is interesting.. but i though about sth which is unviable on earth and lifechaning..

sth like a material which makes batteries waaaaaayyy more efficient etc.. aka store lossless energy or sth like that ^^v
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