An internal email showing that Microsoft owned Github recently renewed a $200,000 contract with ICE. Full email here:

Where is the contract part you mentioned?

>GitHub does not have a professional services agreement with ICE, and GitHub is not consulting with ICE on any of their projects or initiatives.

@fewl @yogthos indeed, the mail sounds just as the opposite… they very clearly oppose that… (and they obviously cannot really control selling through a reseller)

@rugk @fewl I don't see why they can't control their resellers. They absolutely can stop working with resellers who work with ICE.

Likely will never happen. For one, that $200K isn't going to be made up by contributions from a bunch of people looking to abolish ICE. Microsoft, their parent company, is fine and dandy doing business with the .gov. Just look at how many of their jobs require a TS/SCI.

@fewl @yogthos @rugk read the mail, their parent company is not fine

You're right. I only read the first message for some reason. The second message explicitly states Microsoft's support.


And for people who don't read the letter, ICE policies are condemned by both Microsoft and Github teams, and donations by Microsoft/Github to NGO/nonprofits to mitigate ICE's abuses are more than double the monies received from ICE.

@seachanged a real condemnation would be to stop doing business with ICE. I don't think there's a middle ground here.

They surely would make more from tax exemptions and grants. I fear you are looking in the wrong place.

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