@yogthos I need to mow the lawn. I can either do it myself or hire somebody to do it. It takes about 2 hours to do it. I'm willing to spend 10$ for it. If nobody will do it for that money, I'll do it myself. And it's like that with every job. If you want more money, you'll have to offer more than just simple lawn mowing.

@yogthos This is what I'm saying. Don't do shitty jobs, offer more skill. Being poor doesn't affect your possibility to aquire skills in any way. Anybody can get book in library and educate himself.

@yogthos isn't it more like you shouldn't support that employer by working that shitty job

@yogthos More likes saying "your current job should be done by a student to make some spare cash and not as a career path". Though to be fair depends on what sort of job they are saying it about, could be the job is expendable too, or could just be the guy is a dick, very situational.

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