@xj9 @yogthos Isnt that why the word in English is "revolution?" It's this built in assumption that there is a cyclical continuity with no real change in the foundations of our understanding of politics.

@yogthos the only thing Bill Gates ever actually did was convince someone to let him buy DOS then license it to IBM. That's it. That's where his money comes from. Everything since then has just been trying to keep up with expanding demand that came as a result. That's why Microsoft's flagship software tends to suck shit; it's made out of commercial necessity and nothing else. There's no soul in it.

@marie_joseph @yogthos Google is the new Microsoft for much the same reason.

Their main accomplishment was a search engine, certainly more significant than flipping a little operating system, but from that point they have been doing nothing but acquisitions and expanding to meet demand, and find new surveillance vectors for more targeted advertising to sustain growth

So now all their software is turning into soulless garbage too.

@marie_joseph @yogthos I mean, their work with basic on 8-bits was pretty significant too, but that was the only other significant thing.

@yogthos He was an asshole long before that. In the days before he even had an OS, and was selling BASIC, he sent a famous diatribe to the homebrew computer clubs in the 1970s, yelling at them to stop sharing code and designs.
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