Communism is a system of social organization that has never been truly tried and, these days, never truly explained. Yet it inspires fear in some, derision in others, and an almost universal unconcern for what it is actually intended to convey.


In a slave economy, most of us are slaves. In a feudal economy, most of us are serfs. In a capitalist economy, we become the servants of a small class of capitalists.

@yogthos this is the actual truth. Everytime people follow the equation communism=USSR, or China, but that's just not true.

Marx never told us which form of government communism should have, but surely it wasn't total centralization and tiranny 😅

Step 1: abolish capatilasim
Step 2: something
Step 3: communist bliss

But, in all honesty, I'd prefer if all our "means of production" didn't have to enter the government's hands before we could realize an alternative to our current form of capatalism.

It's more the transition as described in this article.

1. Capatalism - means of production controled by the owners
2. Socialism - means of production controled by the government
3. Communism - means of production controled by the people

Also, I'm still unclear what a central authority function would be under a communist system. How would healthcare and standadized education be provided? Would the department of health be owned by the civil servants that ran it?

Things are slightly off when it comes to Indian coop organization. State after accepting neoliberal policies have eroded all paths that must have been updated and expanded for worker owned producer coops. But its sad india have become a state with oxymoronic policies and agendas with its own socialist, democratic, republic secular constitution.

We #coopon could not register as legal Coop. Instead as only llp, because state is almost a hindrance to do business the coop way, and needs more members than we can currently support and convince.


@yogthos Do you know what is "best way"? Show where is that best way, please.

Коммунизм пытались построить в СССР, постепенно стирая границу между классами, как по уровню жизни, так и по количеству людей в них. Не вышло потому, как для такого изменения общества нужно изменение внутреннего мира большинства.

Кооперативы норм, да.
Вообще, идеология вторична, ибо подмена смыслов, а вся надежда на рост сознательности населения (но тут лично мои прогнозы оптимистичны только по отношению к самым высшим и самым низшим, а потому немногочисленным, слоям общества - остальные не способны увидеть целую картину) и правильное воспитание нового поколения.

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