@yogthos although I do recognize the value of market-driven competition in a lot of places, I'll be first to agree that anything health-related should never be driven by profit. Because this ^.

There was a recent research (funded by WSJ, surprisingly) basically confirming that the most profitable strategy for "healthcare" businesses is to keep people sick. Which is totally obvious, if you think of it. And since there's no law against it, it's exactly what they're doing.

@yogthos @isagalaev you forget entertainment is one of the few things already freely available, no not digital piracy; libraries ;)

imagine if someone proposed libraries today; there would be a heart attack across the entire gorram government. fucking moderates and fascists the lot of them. somehow they and everyone else seem to have forgotten about libraries though. which is good, i guess. keeps them safe. but not used as much as they could be.

@yogthos @isagalaev @grainloom can't win at monopoly if you let people shop elsewhere.

@yogthos @Beiz @isagalaev @grainloom For the rich, or for people who have managed to win at the game, it kind of is optional. At least the working-at-a-job-for-money part of capitalism, which arguably is the worst part.

@yogthos @bamfic @grainloom @isagalaev because of the current loan economy its easier than ever to win at the game though, there is so much new money in circulation that the ultra rich haven't had time to vacuum yet, so there are thousands of predatory brand new millionaires. of course, with consumer trends, these millions will be going into the bezos bank sooner or later. but until then, play! play and win! because if we don't play in this trap, we risk setting our grandkids up as serfs.

@Beiz @yogthos @bamfic @isagalaev I'd rather help build a co-op in my local community tbh.

@yogthos @grainloom @bamfic @isagalaev they are however not sustainable in small communities. if i were to start one here, it would essentially be Sixteen Tons but possibly with me as the sole debtor in the mud.

@yogthos @grainloom @Beiz @bamfic @isagalaev

Well, inner side of cooperatives was shown perfectly in a Soviet movie «Garage” by Eldar Ryazanov. Cooperative is an interesting and efficient form but it requires high ethical standards to be shared and accepted by all its members.

@yogthos @isagalaev tbh even with entertainment, profit motives are what's ruining a lot of good ideas. see: the proliferation of F2P games.

also, advertising needs to be decimated.

@grainloom @yogthos oh I sooooo agree about advertising! It's just evil. And I don't mean when a business wants to make itself known to a customer where and when they look for something. I mean the pervasive, invasive, corrupting evil it became with the help of Google and Facebook.

@isagalaev @yogthos cigarette ads started before the Internet became a thing.

@grainloom @yogthos sure. TV gave a huge boost to advertising in general. But Internet and algorithms put it on a yet another level.

@isagalaev @yogthos on the other hand, there is also the influencer problem. how do you regulate the "paying people to say things they may not agree with or even understand the implications of" market?

@grainloom @yogthos I think you don't regulate anything until it becomes obvious how. Let them be for now, it's not like people don't understand that all those recommendations are not genuine. Most people are still okay with following on them, and it may not necessarily be bad.

@isagalaev @yogthos we already have microinfluencers, where they just put things in frame and stuff. I'm not sure they even have to disclose they are advertising. they just do their regular vlog, and oops, there is Zara bag or something throughout the video.
at least ads on TV are clearly labeled as ads.

@yogthos but yeah i agree. market based health care is pure insanity. a straight up human rights violation. it’s literally putting a price on life. which is fucked up and fucking internationally illegal. thankfully i live in a country without such insanely broken and corrupt values. fuck that noise. for real.

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