@yogthos Wow, gonna try it.

Should be good with Jägermeister, since it smells and tastes like a cough syrup anyway.

Joking aside, did you know that many cough syrups already contain alcohol? The alcohol is used as a solvent for other water-insoluble ingredients. The ingredients list often uses the word "ethanol" instead of alcohol.

@fitheach You mean, it's a good hack to put cough syrup in a bottle of booze ?


I'm not sure of the efficacy of cough syrup. You might be better with straight alcohol. 😃

Alternatively, I can give you my hot toddy recipe.


Honey (or sugar syrup) 10g
Lemon juice 5ml
Whisky 25ml
Hot water (near boiling) 150ml

1. Pre-warm drinking mug
2. Put honey in mug.
3. Add hot water, stir until honey dissolved.
4. Add whisky & lemon, stir.
5. Drink!


@yogthos why not just outright stay at home by calling in sick. 🤔

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