@yogthos The idea is that people should love their jobs so much that they don't need any free time…

@yogthos Making the boss rich, or supervisor famous, or whatever — making higher-up even higher up.
That's another question, about vertical vs. horizontal structures, and the role of and the reward for management.

What I mean is how much one should be willing to sacrifice their interests, and do what they don't like at all? Entirety, half of it? How about nothing?
Ideally, one should do what they enjoy "for profit". So there would be no dilemma as such.
Although practically…

@yogthos P.S. WRT management in general:
A lot of senior engineers complain about not being able to keep up with the younger ones. Does it mean they have nothing to contribute anymore?…

@yogthos @amiloradovsky What exists after the IPO? Nothing, IPO is the correct time to leave.

@yogthos The role of a manager is not to tell people what to do, but to help resolve the issues that hinder the (e.g. development) precess, and warn the "managees" about dead ends, if that's in the area of competence of the "manager" (from experience, but not like "I'm older, thus shut up and listen!").

@yogthos P.S. What we see in some organizations, where managers are seen as a higher caste, is a broken culture. In particular, this is not about economic system.

@yogthos I'd say it's vice versa — economic system originates in mentality. Slavish worldview and "complexes"…

@yogthos This may be the case in any organization, privately owned or not. Bureaucracy, corruption, and utter disrespect. — Just leave, if you can. Or fight, again, if you can.

Anyway, the problems with the privately owned org's stem from the problems with the publicly owned ones — the ease of running a business and who survives.

@yogthos i'm afraid of experiencing this when i grow up

@yogthos My mind regularly tries to justify the employer paying for commute time.

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