capitalists reinventing public services poorly is one of my favorite tropes

@yogthos Nah what you do is buy all the back yards in an area and then rent them back out for an annual fee when people move in. "You can have just the house, or for an extra annual payment of ONLY $2,999.99, you can have the spacious back yard to go with it! And for only another $999.99, we'll throw in our in-house lawn care service!"

Last boost transcript 

Tweet by LaurenPelley: “Start-up company idea: Private backyards for people who don't have private backyards. I would pay $5 to rent a fenced area for an hour so I could safely play fetch with my dog while doing an outdoor summer workout. If it works for bikes and office space, why not land?”

which is quote-tweeted by Chatvert, who adds: “that's a park, lauren. they're called parks”

@Anke Some city parks do have fences and are closed to the public at night

@miramarco @Anke dog parks in particular, you want them fenced so you can let the dog off the leash safely

@yogthos I think she means a park where she won't have to be near poor people

on the one hand this is dumb as hell but on the other hand imagine how funny it would be to watch a WeWork-for-backyards startup crash and implode

@yogthos Yeah the thing about capitalism is that this business will fail if it even gets off the ground because no one will pay for it.

@yogthos Capitalism comes up with a lot of dumb ideas but then they die because they're dumb ideas.

@yogthos fuck off to everyone who thinks unleashed dogs belong in public parks tho

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