@Lambdanaut @yogthos I’m going out on a limb here to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that this is some kind of covert attempt to infiltrate and incept the antivaxxer community.

Like imagine if it works and they’re all suddenly like “no more chemicals, only small pieces of viruses!!” and doctors are like, “uhh... yes! Okay we give in to your demands!! Here! Take these... non-chemical shots!” 🤣😂

@cypnk @Lambdanaut @yogthos Well it’s either this or I sprint head-first into a solid brick wall. So...

@cypnk Of course, the scenario in my optimistic outlook still leaves a well-immunized humanity to face the impending doom of the climate crisis. Better? 😜

@Lambdanaut @yogthos

damn that sounds like a good idea i wonder if there's a name for that oh well no way to know for sure

@yogthos is this... some kind of sabotage thing?

because if it is and it works then it's genius

@yogthos anti-the-word-vaccine-but-not-the-concept-vaccine


That’s not even what a chicken pox playdate was!! Those playdates were about purposely infecting children because everyone believed it would be worse if your child got infected later on in life.

@yogthos you know, maybe that's the secret. maybe spread exactly this opinion, rename it to "natural immunization" or whatever. maybe that'll do it.

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