Capitalism is quietly erasing the idea of private property. All products are effectively becoming rentals, and the companies can revoke your right to use them whenever they feel like it. It's becoming increasingly difficult to actually own anything. Media is streamed, and devices are locked from the users.

It's hilarious how all the things people were afraid of happening under communism are actually happening under capitalism.

@yogthos as I understand it, all the problems with implementing socialism/communism exist in capitalism too because the problems aren't with the ideological or economic system, they're with us.

A troll I spoke to once said "what we need isn't a better system, it's better humans". I disagree, I expect an infallible system could be created, but it definitely hasn't been yet.

@yogthos I agree, and I generally have no problem with the alternatives to capitalism, but implementing them leaves the implementor open to the outbreaks of fascism that every nation that has tried has experienced.

It's gonna be nigh impossible to dethrone capitalism without a considerably higher social trust index, and considerably more trustworthy humans, but those are the things that capitalism needs to be functional let alone bearable.

@qy @yogthos the way I see it as a physicist, capitalism is the most dominant system right now only because it is the most stable right now given all current boundary conditions. Efforts to move away from capitalism will easily bounce back towards capitalism if those conditions remain the same. Capitalism thrives mostly because of growth from scarcity, which is unfortunately detrimental to both equality and trust, so I wouldn't say it's the correct starting point for changing the big picture.


"Communism will never work because people want to own stuff." - Frank Zappa

@yogthos @Nikolai_Kingsley The main goal of communism is live in a fair society, not seeing who has more things than the other, that is an abstract concept; the market is inherent to the human being, not to capitalism / imperialism that are modes of production.

@yogthos Capitalism is authoritarian communism with extra steps.

@yogthos This has been screwing libraries for years with electronic resources: the whole point of a library is that it owns copies of content to make freely available to those who wouldn't have access any other way, but now the libraries are sucked into this rental market too so that when budgets are inevitably cut, they can't fall back on the content they already have because they've only been renting it themselves.

@yogthos That seems more like centralization of ownership rather than elimination. You rent your phone. The carrier, OEM, and Apple or Google co-own it.

@yogthos @freakazoid and repairs are at the expense of the user. The cell phone example isn't quite right bc they (usually) are purchased in the end.

Why "buy" a new tractor if I don't reply own it and am also responsible for it's care? If I rent an apartment but I don't service the appliances. That's supposed to be the trade off equity for responsibility.

@yogthos property exists... just not for the proles. Classic capital

@yogthos Capitalism/Neoliberalism will sink under its own weight. Sadly, it would take the rest of us with it cuz with big money comes big ego that has so far denied climate change, economic disasters, political catastrophes. And their "shock doctrine" approach to every disaster seems to be working quite well with the "educated" wage slaves so far.

This is indeed ironic. BUT, u still have a choice. You can buy a free phone, you can buy music and movies. Nobody is forced into these constraints.

@x2ero @yogthos Ahh yes the choice of have internet to properly function in society and use a completely locked down router and reports all devices and activities back to Verizon and has no way to turn that off, put it into bridge mode, or set custom DNS servers, or just dont have internet.

Such choices thats you supply side jesus

@x2ero @yogthos
it doesn't matter if nobody is forced directly. All that matters is that the majority of people will more likely chose the worse option, which will also affect everyone who resists in a more detrimental than if only a minority made the bad choice. I don't really need to provide any examples here because this is the status quo.

@x2ero @yogthos I, for one, I'm struggling to buy rather than rent movies...

There's a huge push towards "streaming", and even Bluerays & DVDs aren't great on these lines.

@frickhaditcoming @yogthos I know when I hear private property, I think personal property; this is why I was a bit wary of communism for the longest time. I thought I wouldn't be allowed to own any of my own stuff. (:

So thanks for pointing this out!

@frickhaditcoming @yogthos ...huh. So I /wouldn't/ be allowed to own stuff?

(Unless you're making a joke? I have no idea how communism works, and honestly can't tell.)

@IceWolf @yogthos oh sorry "im coming for that toothbrush also whitey" is a common meme about the subject. No one is actually going to communalize your toothbrush

@frickhaditcoming @yogthos Ohhh, okay! Thanks. Yeah, I'm completely oblivious to a lot of memes. (:

@yogthos hilarious that vice gives you a “don’t sell my data” button that prompts you to opt out of selling your data to advertisers

@garbados @yogthos apparently this is a new legal requirement, yay regulation wins

@jplebreton No it's not! Data protection regulations require data collection to be done witg opt-in. I never heard about an opt-out-based one, and it wouldn't make sense. Either way, that opt-out bullshit is simply illegal in European Union…

@garbados @yogthos

You can thank Europe for that.... And corporate USA ignoring the agreements about user data made 20 years ago.

@yogthos "It's hilarious how all the things people were afraid of happening under communism are actually happening under capitalism." this is either a marcuse or adorno quote.

@policeinchains @yogthos It couldn't possibly be Adorno. You need a sense of humor to find something hilarious.

@yogthos JD is a horrible company living off their historic brand name. Everything they ship now is locked down with DRM and service info is locked away.
There is a huge business opportunity for a company like CASE/IH/MF, etc to swoop in and start selling equipment with full service manuals and "open" standards like was common back in the day. JD has burned so many people a documented serviceable machine would make a killing.
I know it wont happen though.
SaaS is the corporate mindset today.

I don't think private property is being erased. It's being further concentrated in the hands of the elite. Capitalism can only work with government intervention to ensure an equitable distribution of wealth.

@yogthos This does not mean that "Capitalism is quietly erasing the idea of private property". That is ridiculous. Just because capital is rented out doesn't make it capital any less

@yogthos capital and property are not perceptive ideals but a system of material relationships between individuals. When someone owns something and utilizes that ownership to make profit, that's not a "he said she said situation" it's a matter of fact.

@yogthos and how exactly does this mean that capital is erasing the concept of private property. that's just obfuscatory nonsense

@yogthos The "Communism" you're describing is literally called "state capitalism" by those who invented it

@yogthos capital doesn't change form from perception though LOL what you're trying to say is capital is accumulating through channels of what were previously personal items but instead you're saying that because a consumer owns less things and the capitalist owns more, private property as a concept is not only idealistic since it's predicated on perception but it also no longer exists.

@yogthos You said precisely that right here: "Capitalism is quietly erasing the idea of private property."

@yogthos so if you say that property is an idea, which can be "erased" from one perspective or another, how is that not turning property into an idealistic concept

@yogthos you are saying property vanishes as a concept as soon as you don't own any, as if it's just a fleeting ideal with no physical permanence

@yogthos Just because someone else owns the property, does not mean the concept no longer exists. It means someone else owns the property

@yogthos I already knew what you intended to say and I wrote it out in this post:

> what you're trying to say is capital is accumulating through channels of what were previously personal items

What I'm telling you is words have meaning and you can't just warp them into random nonsense without them making you sound nonsensical

@yogthos in what way is this equivalent to "erasing the concept of private property"

@yogthos I'm saying you're using the entirely wrong words and so what you're saying to other people just sounds like nonsense from a dullard.

@kel @yogthos Property is an idea, and the common person is less and less seeing that idea realized, making it irrelevant to their daily life.

this makes acitvitypub and other self-owning technologies anti-communist. #Gab is the future of fediverse?

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