Capitalism is the most efficient system known to man for destroying the biosphere on a planetary scale.

@yogthos Capitalism can do good things too. I think Greed is the real culprit.

@yogthos You've really brainwashed yourself, haven't you.

@yogthos @zilti

And for the last 20 years there is at least one event per 10 year that confirms it. Example - the "Global financial crisis - 2008" (all the people that pay taxes paid the bill and are still paying):

My favourite part: "S&P argued that its ratings were protected under the First Amendment right to free speech, ..."

(sarcasm)The monumental arrogance of this statement deserves applause and admiration... (/sarcasm)

It's just not true.
Capitalism can't stop people from being greed, neither communism or any other leftist crap.

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