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@yogthos source: highly recommended read ! but how come they don't mention the additional solutions for pharma corporations: 4. inventing new diseases such as ADHD 5. instantly creating millions of new patients just by shifting thresholds (for high blood pressure, cholesterol or sugar) and 6. engineering new bacteria and viruses (yeah that’s borderline but can be outsourced)

@paolog @yogthos maybe don't weave your bullshit opinions about ADHD into a real problem.

@Vopo @yogthos I am sorry if I have hurt anyone. I have no opinions on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, just picked it up as an example of a disease which is sometimes subject to "disease mongering"

@paolog @yogthos people perceive it that way but it's actually under prescribed. Still thank you for clarifying.

@yogthos not to defend capitalism, but any company that delivered an important one shot cure would attract massive investment for other projects. This is also in regards to genetically engineered cures. If we did cure all via gene editing, there would still be an unlimited market for genetic improvement (better vision, strength etc). In conclusion, fuck goldman sachs

@yogthos yup there is a total lack of big picture thinking in most companies today. It’s literally all about “how can we make this into a scam so we never have to innovate”.

@yogthos the only acceptable body of this article would be:

"If you clicked this and legitimately wondered about the answer to this question, or thought it could possibly be "no", go ahead and line up in front of the guillotines."

@yogthos This means pharmacies are in the business of keeping you sick. That's why they use the terms 'treatment plan' or 'disease management' rather than talking about healing or curing...

@yogthos The irony of this post is that the capitalist oriented paper basically summed up that yes, it is indeed sustainable as a business model. Several examples are given at the end of the paper as to why/how such a model is sustainable in fact. Here is that quote:

Solution 3: Constant innovation and portfolio expansion: There are hundreds of inherited retinal diseases (genetics forms of blindness) … Pace of innovation will also play a role as future programs can offset the declining revenue trajectory of prior assets.

@yogthos It could be that they're recommending socialism for that purpose. Or even non-profit research organizations (which happen to be responsible for the majority of medical breakthroughs).

It seems like healthcare violates Smith's dead horse parable, because it's the equivalent of a horse that's only ever purchased by people who are stuck by the side of the road with a cartload of perishable goods and a dead horse.

@yogthos The most sustainable business model would be to cure terminal illnesses, as well as disabilities, and then give the patient something annoying that won't kill them and won't impair their productivity

Then you charge them for medicine to treat the symptoms!

Letting a patient die means no more money, and leaving them disabled means they can't make money to pay you

My friend Marie, who is a capitalist, said so

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