Tesla remotely disables Autopilot on used Model S after it was sold - Tesla says the owner can’t use features it says ‘they did not pay for’. Welcome to the world where you no longer own things.

@yogthos When John Lennon wrote the second verse of "Imagine," this might not have been what he had in mind.

@yogthos this already works like that with networking equipment, e.g. switches

@yogthos @charlag only if it has a way to install the software from scratch.

@yogthos I can't even see how this is going to be avoidable on any vehicle in the future. I imagine there will be "safety" laws preventing any type of personal control over vehicle controlling software, and that vehicle controlling software will be ubiquitous.

And then vendors will want a monthly fee for updates & security.

Makes me want to live somewhere I can get away with using only an electric bike. Also makes it hard if you have to move large items or over long distances though.

@yogthos There are many things we think we own, think software, but we are really "leasing" according to the manufacturers.

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