One of the most depressing things about living in a capitalist society is realizing how much human effort is devoted to useless, and often harmful things like ads. Some of the brightest people in the world are wasting their talent on this garbage while our planet is dying.

@yogthos it's so hard to free people from such parasitic institutions like marketing and finance.

@yogthos That's why I lament Google.

I remember Google of 2000s, when they were mainly about "search" and "making cool projects", like Google Earth or Google Summer of Code, or helping to develop the XMPP standard, or Google Wave... whatever... it... was, or SketchUp, which is to this day my favorite 3D editor because of how uncomplicated and engaging it is (looking at you, Blender), funding various science projects...

They were creative, brilliant bunch capable of amazing things, they really gave us many gifts, this is what a tech company should look like... Except it can't, because "making cool stuff" and "making money" rarely align, and making money takes priority. So now, they are just another predatory surveilance-based advertisement corporation, one of the many, they all look the same to me.

@yogthos a former employer of mine has a job that is something like "Manager of Software Product Activation".

The entire job of this person, and their team, is to maintain the activation tool and services that limit the functionality of the company's *actual* software products in accordance to what the user has or hasn't paid for.

Literally they are the "preventer of IT" department. Not only do they not directly produce some thing, their job is to make things *less* useful.

How depressing.



We're quite literally being distracted....people that are struggling to keep their heads above water don't question the status quo :(

@yogthos Not only that, but also think of all the wasted potential of the people that didn't get the chance to devote themselves to something because of capitalism.

@yogthos Its really sad. The brainpower of the planet is oriented towards figuring out how to get people to click on ads, and extract wealth from poor people, when it should be solving the very real problems we all have to deal with: housing, food, child care, health care, etc.

@yogthos capitalism is bad that’s granted, but I really don’t buy that whole « advertisement workers would save the planet instead »

Like communication and climate science are distincts field.

They could however make propaganda for more environmentally conscious behaviour.

@MattMerk @yogthos

Huh. I was just thinking earlier today about a kid I knew in (suburban Ontario) high school. He was extremely personable and talented, started a business doing computer training as a summer job, acted in most of the school plays and was really active in student council. He was also a genuinely nice guy.

When he graduated, it was announced that not only had he gotten into Harvard but he'd gotten a scholarship.

A couple of years back, I googled him. He's an investment banker now.

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