One of the great things about #LISP is that there is not much syntactic sugar. #Clojure, I'm looking at you!

@d_pechkin Haven't used racket, been doing lots of work with #ClojureScript and getting frusterated with the syntactic sugar. What makes it so much worse is that it makes it hard to search the documentation. I see examples using `:<>` and how am I supposed to search for that !?


@yisraeldov @d_pechkin personally, I find tha literal syntax for data structures makes code much easier to scan. Being able to tell whether something is a function call or a data declaration at a glance is meaningful information.

Meanwhile, stuff like :<> is library syntax, and I'm kind of amused that you'd be complaining about Clojure here when CL has reader macros allowing for far more custom syntax.

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