@yogthos hmmm, I know this was meant as a straw man proposal to prove a point, but the logic holds up!

I think the only part I’d question is the immediate conclusion that this would be ‘immoral’. Need more evidence on that.

@yogthos I disagree on the supposed immorality of this proposition.

OCR Output (chars: 695) 

So...if we’re OK with killing 3% of the
ee population to reopen the economy...

I have a modest proposal. We could just kill
everybody on the Forbes billionaires list. Way
less dead (only 3,000 or so) and the $7.8
Trillion we take from them would allow
*excellent* medical care.

No? That's immoral? I thought so, too, but
you were the one who suggested 9 million
dead to reopen the economy would be fine.


My proposal reduces that to 1/3000th *and*
restarts the economy with a giant bang.
Almost 50% increase of the GDP!

QA _

Still immoral?
One doesn’t just go around killing

people to add money to the

That’s what I’m saying, too. Glad we

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