@yogthos There's a lot to unpack here and the political climate is VERY different. I'm not saying it's not true at the surface, but when you look at what happened in, y'know, 2016, it changes the perspective a bit. People saw something different that was never on offer in a big way and were like, "Shit! You can DO that!?" So they tried, made a little noise, and ended up with absolute shit. So for round 2, yes, there's betrayal, because the stakes are that much higher and more stinks in the DNC.

@yogthos That's true, which is what makes this cartoon so patronizing.

People are now acutely aware the Dems are not going to rescue them and they made a huge push to save themselves only for it to be turned back through dirty dealings and media influence. The problem is people realized /they can't even work through the system/ and that's where the despair comes from. Many people can't survive another election cycle with Trump in office. Many people have not survived this one.

@yogthos I mean I get it; to get someone like Bernie in office you need to get people like Biden out. But people are at a point where they can't afford that kind of incremental change. They're going to do it anyway, but Biden is going to get creamed in the Electoral College even if he wins the popular vote because of how badly things are stacked. People are looking at the next 4 years and wondering if they'll be here by the time it matters in the next 8.

It's truly existential for many.

@yogthos You look at racial and ethnic minorities, ESPECIALLY women of color, LGBT+, and the very dangerous intersection of those, like black trans women, and they have to fear for their actual lives. They're looking at us teetering on the brink of Nazi Germany and thinking what they can do to just keep existing.

So to be this reductive misses the point. We're organizing, yes, but many are clawing for whatever can save their actual lives. They can't afford "we tried" from Dems or anyone else.

@yogthos I agree. The problem with that is the power imbalance. People are seeing now who actually has the country by the balls, and I hope it can translate into kicking the people in power in the pocketbook. I really, really hope they don't forget this, but they very well might for the privilege of convenience.

Progressives are going to sweep Congress. That's what the Blue Wave has been. People will force that change. But people are also realizing they have two enemies, not one.

@yogthos How direct does direct action have to be when the system is working as designed and it's crushing you? Because people are praying for Trump, McConnell, and others to just keel over at this point because they're so powerless right now.

It's a fight that will be won in a span of years, but if we don't win enough now, it might not matter by next year.

@yogthos Again, I agree with you. I just see a side of things that isn't as rosy because I know a lot of vulnerable people. They're not singing Annie to this.

@yogthos I agree. I'm going to vote for Biden, but I'm also going to vote for every progressive I can. I'm in for the long haul.

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