@yogthos oui mais là il y a perte de ressources. Sur l'image finale on utilise 2 pantalon alors qu'un seul sur le pisseurs aurais le même impact

@cochise @yogthos Oui, et franchement, si tu es à poil, suffit de se rincer alors que si tu portes un pantalon... t'as intérêt à en changer rapidement ^_^

@yogthos that's totally incorrect example, because water is not comparable airborne disease and masks don't give complete protection* for those if you: 1) don't wear right mask that does not let the disease particles go through, 2) left some gaps for air to escape, 3) touching the mask, 4) utilizing same mask for more than three hours, 5) wear it so your nose left open etc.

@sasha_sorokin @yogthos Covid isn't airborne, it's aerosol, i.e. droplets of liquid, so comparison checks out

@Gargron multiple sources state that it is. Plus there the other point I tried to make, that you have to wear masks right, because if you don't, you are ‘nullify’ that small protection they *might* give. Like PC antivirus, useless if you always turn it on and off and never update.


The important corollary to this is that getting peed on in public by random strangers is a fairly rare occurrence, and it might not be sensible for everyone to wear prophylactic diapers at the same time as they are running out of them at the kindergarten — pee and poo splashing everywhere over the walls...

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