After GitHub CEO backs Black Lives Matter, workers demand an end to ICE contract.

Platitudes are easy, but let's see GitHub put their money where their mouth is.

@yogthos Nothing but lip service, just to create an image of goodwill while maintaining the same shitty business practices. 🤮

github, ICE, angry snark 

“Picking and choosing customers is not the approach that we take to these types of questions when it comes to influencing government policy.”


i guess they expect to get paid by both sides. milk ICE until doing so becomes untenable, then get in on police reform with some hot contracts. someone's gonna have to run the IT department of Police 2.0. (and of course they want Police 2.0, not abolishment, because who will protect millionaires???)

github, ICE, angry snark 

@yogthos that's probably not their official reasoning behind it of course. but it certainly seems more profitable.

@yogthos Get ready to see a whole lot of LinkedIn profiles updating.

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