defund the police explained in a single meme

@yogthos You could make the exact same meme with "eat the rich".

@yogthos Or perhaps "tax" is better, in the same "moderate" way that "defund" is "better" than "abolish".

@yogthos just need to see if I can find a higher res picture

@tagada I meant of the meme not the original image. SOrry if I was unclear.

Any police defunding in reality would be used to cover tax breaks for the rich instead. And police with less funding will become even more brutal and incompetent.

@yogthos Ah yes, that must be that trickle-down economics thing they keep talking about. That's much clearer now, thanks

@morosophos @yogthos more like "Lack of funding social programs and centuries of racism's results in a single photo"

@morosophos @yogthos no, that's a picture of the kettle about to blow due to years of economic inequality and the complete abandonment of public infrastructure while the richest in society loot it all.

@yogthos I'd say its missing a bit. An unarmed non-crime related incident responce team, who can take wittness statements for insurance purposes and with trained psych staff who can approach and de-escalate problems is another one. Police should only be used when people call in fear for their lives and even then they need experts on hand to ensure it doesn't escalate. If we have homes for everyone it will actually cost tax payers half as much in healthcare and policing costs too. And traffic cops shouldn't be arms and most of them replaced with camera traps spread evenly though the city with fines adjusted for income levels so it hurts everyone equally like they do it in denmark.

@yogthos no, they will simply spend the money on military operations. In addition, there will be an increase in the crime rate.

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