This is great but also really white.

I'd put Pamela Z on it. But it makes me wonder what names I don't know.

(Also surprising it's left off Pauline Oliveros...)

@yogthos I like that Imogen Heap’s fancy and amazing gloves made it into the art work

@randynose @yogthos

For me, the ones I'm familiar with are:
- Wendy Carlos
- Björk
- Imogen Heap
- Suzanne Ciani
- Laurie Spiegel

@claudiom @yogthos
I've heard of Björk, but I couldn't say about anyone else.

@yogthos @randynose @claudiom Is Björk really synth music? Should we include Annie Lennox for writing pop music with synths in it?

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marina_S… was a pioneer in Swedish synthpop in the 80s while synthpop was still an actual category, I'd replace Heap and Björk with her.

@yogthos tbh I'd argue that the one of Wendy Carlos needs more cats jumping around on her synths

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