Capitalism is holding back a lot of meaningful innovation by creating the need for everything to have immediate commercial value, and siphoning both talent and resources from solving important problems towards creating things that create direct trade value for the capital owners.

@yogthos I lose sleep over this. the number of times I've seen people put aside potentially transformative research out of an inability to "productize it" breaks my heart. academia is not a whole lot better, because you are chasing grants to e.g. keep your lab open, so you are incentivized towards research that brings in grant money and away from anything else.

@yogthos DGGS are an interesting case of this in my work, in that it's hard to communicate to funders just how radically simpler these new modals are since they've got their heads stuck in lat-long & cloud-computing space mistaking familiarity for simplicity.

But at least that gets funded, who'll pay me to take JS away from them?

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