@yogthos fuuuuuuuuck homework. It was the bane of my existence and a constant drain on my mental health growing up, and after I escaped school I decided I would never do any job that requires me to take work home. Fuck. Homework.

@squeedoodle @yogthos College homework is currently the bane of my college existence. Tests I've got covered. It's the homework I have trouble with. >,,<

homework, abuse ment 

Yeah like also what a way to make people with shitty executive function feel bad, like that fucked me over a lot

(and i imagine it's awful for ppl with shitty / unsafe home lives and ones where kids have too much responsibility already, too)

@yogthos homework is evil. I hate it and it is mostly just busy work anyway.

As a teacher, I made it a rule to give kids in my class time to complete homework. I even had makeup days where they could do the pages they lost or missed. No penalty.

Test scores improved instantly with that change.

@yogthos nope. home work is the only way to make little lazy assholes think with their own brain.
@iron_bug @yogthos I don't like videos. real serious researches are published in pdf on scientific portals. and "British scientists" that "research" some shit in the way they like it are not interesting. people are lazy and stupid and they want to invent an excuse for that. that's it. but really home work is the only important thing at school and Uni, and parents should never help kids with it. it's up to them to do it.
@iron_bug @yogthos what is "actual empirical"? they empirically proved that little assholes are little assholes? what a marvelous discovery! the home work is specially intended to break their laziness and make them develop some thinking abilities.
@iron_bug @yogthos and in "natural way" a human is usual primate. that's what the most people are.
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